About KrediblePolitics.com


At Fl3xMedia we are blockchain and cryptocurrency aficionados. In addition to this, we are deeply interested in the political events which shape our society and lives. As the last months and years have shown, the politics which touch on all aspects of society, have become bitterly divisive. This division has reached point where rational and cultured discussion is often no longer possible. We have reached a state of affairs where political discourse has become a negative force when in reality it should be be built on respectful discussion, tolerance and compromise.

It is in the spirit of facilitating qualitative and thoughtful discussion that we have created KrediblePolitics.com. We hope that by giving a voice to opinions from all sides of the political spectrum, that we can not only become a site which informs our readers of current events, but also provide a place where meaningful discussion can take place. Our site will enable registered users to place comments and upvote articles and comments. Kreds gives your thoughts and opinions value, and you (the readers), can determine who deserves to be rewarded for their opinions. If this sounds like other sites you visit daily, then this is where things get differenthellip;

All users may notice that their accounts have a balance of ‘Kreds’. Kreds are the currency of KrediblePolitics and essentially fuels an economic model that gives every reader and writer the opportunity to gain actual monetary value from insightful comments. At the same time, this monetary value means that every action has an opportunity cost associated with it which we hope will increase the quality of user submitted content and deter lsquo;trollsrsquo; from ruining the conversation. Kreds are different from other virtual reward systems in the fact that it is a real Blockchain based digital currency similar to Bitcoin. As a registered user your Kreds balance is topped up every day and you can decided how to spend it. In the future we will enable you to withdraw the Kreds you earned which you will then be able trade on exchanges for other cryptocurrencies.

We hope that you like our experiment and that you join us in our mission to turn the gap between liberal and conservative viewpoints into meaningful conversation.