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Trump: Cohen ‘Lied About So Many Things,’ ‘But He Said No Collusion’

During an interview broadcast on Thursday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” President Trump said his former attorney Michael Cohen “lied about so many things,” and “might as well lie about” Russian collusion as well, “but he said no collusion.”

Trump said, “As far as Cohen is concerned, he’s convicted. He’s a liar. He’s defrauded, at a high level. He’s got a lot of problems. And you know, it was very interesting. Because he lied so much…and yet, he said, when it came to collusion…he said no collusion. And I said, it’s funny, he lied about so many things, and yet he could have said — he might as well lie about that one too, but he said no collusion.”

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