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This week in science: burning stupidity

They come for the Jews, the professors, and the science, like clockwork, every damn time and they’ve been doing it every, single time this sick, fascist shit raises its ugly head. 

Earlier this year, we covered an attempt by Arizona's superintendent of Public Instruction to alter the state's science education standards. Superintendent Diane Douglas seemingly directed her staff to edit a set of standards prepared by educators so that numerous mentions of the word "evolution" were eliminated. Climate change was later diminished in a similar manner.
“If Texans are having issues, they should ask a poll worker for assistance immediately, and do not cast their ballot before carefully reviewing the summary screen at the end to ensure all their selections are listed correctly,” [Sam] Taylor, [a spokesman for the secretary of state] told The Texas Tribune in an emailed statement.
    People, please keep in mind that National Parks like Yosemite Valley are not amusement parks. There are lions and tigers and bears, and a bunch of other stuff trying to kill negligent hominids. Via Josh Jordon, @NumbersMuncher, here’s just a partial list of all the conservative clowns who jumped on the bomber story as a false-flag liberal conspiracy. May they live on forever on the wall of shame:
Ann Coulter, James Woods, Geraldo Rivera, Candace Owens, Bill Mitchell, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Lou Dobbs, Mike Flynn Jr., Dinesh D'Souza, Kurt Schlichter, Laura Loomer, Jacob Wohl ...Take a bow- you earned it.

    For much of the country, it’s daylight savings time. Fall back one hour in the wee hours tonight and enjoy and a little extra rest. But it’s fair to say, this practice has become more controversial in recent years:
Allegedly, none other than Benjamin Franklin, after a trip to Paris, floated the idea that America could save on candle consumption by adjusting the time. CANDLES! Come on, what are we talking about here?

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