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Trump going to El Paso to lie to its residents' faces about what a border wall did for El Paso

The statistics bear them out, too. Pre-barrier, El Paso already had lower crime than most cities its size. But Trump isn’t interested in facts when his story about walls is so much more politically convenient. So you can count on him telling that story to his fans in El Paso Monday night, many of whom will decide that he’s right, even where what he’s saying is contrary to the reality they have lived.

Trump won’t visit El Paso without pushback, though. Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, a possible Democratic presidential candidate, will participate in a mile-long march along the border and then speak at a rally not far from Trump’s. In a Medium post, O’Rourke called out Trump’s El Paso lies specifically, as well as his broader immigration lies, tying Trump’s policies to the U.S. policies that led to today’s levels of undocumented immigrants living in this country. Looking at those past policies, O’Rourke writes that Trump “seeks in one administration to repeat all the mistakes of the last half-century. And with past as prologue, we know exactly how that will end.” 

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