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Trump is very, very pleased with the Manafort judge

But Trump was right about one thing. Ellis did go out of his way to make this statement. It didn’t require Manafort’s attorneys or the special counsel to introduce the idea. Ellis spoke up before either side had so much as mentioned Russia or the campaign. Which speaks to Ellis’ disdain for the whole idea of the special counsel and his eagerness to give Manafort the lightest possible sentence.

Trump, who spent the morning tweeting about “Presidential harassment,” was quick to merge the statements from Ellis with statements from Republican Rep. Devin Nunes and Sen. Richard Burr. Then he went off to see the “first class treatment” FEMA is delivering to Alabama, with his trademark smirk firmly in place.

While Trump’s statements may strike most people as distorted, rambling, and semi-deranged, one thing is clear: By Friday afternoon, Republicans will be proclaiming that the phrase is “witch hoax.” It was always witch hoax. Any anyone who says anything else is a liar.

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