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‘Maybe he should pay them’: Trump roasted for using border patrol agents as props during shutdown

President Donald Trump met with border patrol agents on in McAllen, Texas. The city bragged that it was one of the safest in the country and most of the crime there is related to local crime, not immigrants killing people.

McAllen doesn’t have a border wall, steel or otherwise, instead, they have a series of fences along the town and some gaps where the fence is not. Some are large towering fences and others are shorter with razor-wire.

The internet had a hard time navigating what has happened to Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) face and they certainly weren’t pleased with government workers being used political puppets to supplement Trump’s shutdown crusade.

Bobblehead Ted

— Stanley (@StanleyLewis09) January 10, 2019

I don't know why we need a wall when we can just station Ted Cruz with his beard facing south and all the immigrants will cower in fear and respect.

— Ben Swift (@beeswift) January 10, 2019


— kris k (@kriskorz) January 10, 2019

Cruz bobblehead giveaway at the border. "Let me introduce you to Lyle Lanley. He sold walls to Berlin and China and really put them on the map. A country with money's a little like a mule with a spinning wheel. No one knows how he got it, and danged if he knows how to use it"

— Steve Buzzard (@sbuzzard) January 10, 2019

The border patrol agents with Trump are not currently being paid to do their jobs, and the president did little to convince them the shutdown would end.

Meanwhile, in Washington, former lawyer Michael Cohen said he would testify in an open session of Congress. Reporters also found that Trump’s own campaign website still says the president will have Mexico pay for the wall. Specifically, Trump’s site said Mexico would give a one-time payment of $5-10 billion.

See the rest of the tweets below:

Riddle me this. The gov is shutdown over Trumps wall. Trump is possibly gonna declare a 'National Emergency' over $5 billion he wants for a wall that will only cover 1/5th of the border.

So in reality that would make it only a 20% 'emergency' then?

Cuz math.

— JΞSŦΞR ✪ ΔCŦUΔL³³º¹ (@th3j35t3r) January 10, 2019

It was Philly

— maria byrne (@maria1267) January 10, 2019

"Thanks for not taking a paycheck while I reverse engineer my promise that Mexico will pay for the wall"

— Beau Ryan (@beauryan) January 10, 2019

And the mayor says they don’t need more wall.

— Don Rainwater (@skyagua) January 10, 2019

GOP Congresswoman for this district said there were no problems in the district until she was told by the WH that there were. The Mayor of McCallen has gone on record to say the “crisis” has been greatly exaggerated.

— M Mitchel (@MMareliuk) January 10, 2019

Is Mexico going to meet him at the border and give us that money to pay for the wall like he promised?

— Stellar J (@StellarJ_bird) January 10, 2019

Now he wants to build a wall because it is cheaper than manpower. He wants to cut their jobs to save money. He has said it a couple times this week.

— Alan Cosgrove (@fantasypolitics) January 10, 2019

No sign of a #caravan.

Maybe to the left?

Maybe to the right?

Maybe in "special vehicles" that are now invisible?

— Grifters-Oligarchs-Predators (@GOPFIB) January 10, 2019

I’ll get Mexico to pay for wall. Then the $ will come out of trade deals. Then I’ll ask Congress for the $. Finally, I’ll use emergency funds. Do you see where this is leading? Why don’t you “Build the wall yourself”? pic.twitter.com/OAqY1y38PX

— Being taxed to death (@rollbackourtax) January 10, 2019

Remember this? pic.twitter.com/xmyZ9jBV8I

— Shugar (@GregShugar) January 10, 2019

For Trump the real emergency is that Democrats are in power & they're making him look weak

Trump & the GOP had total control of Washington for his first two years in office. Why didn't Trump declare a national emergency then? This is a fabricated crisis.

— Steven Greenhouse (@greenhousenyt) January 10, 2019

such southern such border wow wow wow

wow wow wow

— Dogenald Trump (@dogenald) January 10, 2019

Open the government. Then we'll talk. Stop balckmailing

— Martin Muldoon (@MuldoonMartin) January 10, 2019


— Craig Muenzer (@Craig_Muenzer) January 10, 2019

Stay there. On the #Mexico side.

— Dr. Christine (@NYC4691) January 10, 2019

From the southern border where there is no crisis.

— T.I. (@Sliver_70) January 10, 2019

Want to know where Trump isn't visiting today while he's here in McAllen?

Ursula Border Patrol Processing Center, where most of the 2,816 kids taken from their parents were kept in cages.

Here’s what it looks like, as I told @chrislhayes after I toured. pic.twitter.com/WOn1VmwoR1

— Jacob Soboroff (@jacobsoboroff) January 10, 2019

Maybe he should pay them then.#ImpeachTheMF

— Jenpocalypse17 (@Jenpocalypse17) January 10, 2019

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