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America's Economic Health Has Improved: New at Reason

The U.S. rose four places in the latest International Tax Competitiveness Index.

Ingram Publishing/NewscomThere are some areas in which it's best to not be the leader—such as picking the pockets of the investors and businesses that create jobs and build prosperity. The U.S. has thankfully allowed somebody else to assume that role in recent years, notes J.D. Tuccille. "Following tax reform in the United States, France now has the highest taxes on corporate income—a combined rate of about 34 percent," the Tax Foundation reports in its latest International Tax Competitiveness Index.

Meanwhile, the U.S. rose four places in the tax competitiveness rankings.

Remember, having a free and welcoming economy isn't just about competing for rankings in reports, Tuccille writes. It's directly related to prosperity, to long life, and to civil liberty. By and large, to escape the heavy hand of the state in economic affairs is to have a much better shot at being well-fed, healthy, and unburdened by official intrusions into your personal life.

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