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Donald Trump's motorcycle gang

Plenty of Americans don't have a problem with the government taking harsh steps to stop immigrants from coming to this country. But surely, even these restrictionists would consider it beyond the pale if Uncle Sam stopped Americans from leaving. That's what tyrannical regimes do — not free countries like ours ... right? Wrong. In fact, America's emigration restrictions have grown in tandem with immigration restrictions under both Democratic and Republican rule. And President Trump is about to take things to a whole new level. The core component of Trump's America First agenda involves slamming the door on immigrants — low skilled and high skilled, authorized and unauthorized — whom he blames for every economic ill from unemployment to stagnant wages to straining welfare. He's wrong about nearly all of this, incidentally. But for now, let's focus on the fact that his zero-sum economic logic against immigrants seeking entry to the United States also applies to Americans trying to leave.

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