If Europe is serious about challenging Trump, it should actually challenge him

The tweets. Oh, the tweets! The heads of some of the most powerful countries on Earth are pissed at each other. And they are so angry they're tweeting about it. Well, they're not really pissed at each other, it's more like they're collectively pissed off at President Trump. And yes, really, who can blame them? "The American president may not mind being isolated, but neither do we mind signing a 6 country agreement if need be," France's Emmanuel Macron huffily tweeted in French (and then in English for good measure), as the G7 opened in Canada. Later he tweeted a picture of himself with other European heads of state, captioned "Opening the #G7Charlevoix with my European friends." Get it? His European friends. Not you, Donald! Emmanuel Macron is too proud to be friends with a spray-tanned demagogue like Donald Trump (except when he hopes he can swindle him out of some trade concessions). As you may have heard, the rest of the summit did not go much better for Western alliances.

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