White House & President

Trump's corporate servility

President Trump is basically a ready-for-hire hatchet man for business interests. For the latest piece of evidence, witness the trade fight America nearly got in with Ecuador over breastfeeding. Earlier this year, Ecuador had planned to introduce a measure encouraging breastfeeding as the healthiest source of food for infants at a meeting of the World Health Organization. It was one of those noncontroversial things that everyone expected to pass with widespread ease, since the medical community has long clearly recognized that breastfeeding is indeed the healthiest option for babies. But then the White House stepped in, insisting the resolution be watered down, and then that it be scrapped. "The Americans were blunt," The New York Times reported. "If Ecuador refused to drop the resolution, Washington would unleash punishing trade measures and withdraw crucial military aid." Ecuador caved, and a host of other countries refused to take the measure up, citing fears of U.S. retaliation. Ironically, it was Russia that ultimately stepped in to rebuff the U.S. demands and carry the measure through.

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