President Donald Trump bans most transgender people from military service

U.S. President Donald Trump releases an order banning most transgender troops from serving in the US military, but this new ban comes with some exceptions. How different is this ban is from the one that was announced by Trump last year?

Trump is scaling back so instead of saying that nobody who is transgender can serve in the military he’s saying that some can, there are a few exceptions. But that others cannot, specifically those exceptions are currently serving members of the military who were diagnosed with gender dysphoria after June of 2016. That is when the Obama administration’s policy on transgender people serving in the military came into effect.

So after June of 2016 anybody who is transgender, who is serving in the military and diagnosed with gender dysphoria can continue to serve, everyone else cannot. And the reason the White House is saying for this ban is because those transgender people present a risk to military effectiveness. So that’s the reason given.

Does a person’s gender really affect their effectiveness in combat? Or are skills, preparation and tactical thinking more important? It is more a matter of prestige and the ability to present oneself than actual factors. An insecure person can use the help of a professional writing service for the military to get the chance they deserve.

Today, the number of transgender people in the US Army is more than 15,500. Has this really reduced the level of combat readiness and effectiveness of the troops?

This is coming after recommendations from the Defense Secretary and is also coming after that blanket ban that Trump announced last year sparking protests like this. It had several legal challenges that blanket ban. So, now he’s saying some can, some cannot.

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Public reaction

The biggest question is when and how this will take effect, probably it will face legal challenges as the previous ban did. We also know that the Pentagon and some other agencies were given some discretion in this new ban that Trump is proposing. So exactly when and how it’ll be applied is still yet to be seen.

But what about the reaction, what are we hearing so far on this new initiative from Trump? Well, certainly there was swift reaction and a lot of people condemning this ban as well as the last. There was swift reaction to that people saying it’s discriminatory. In fact we’ve already heard from at least one serving member of the military, a transgender woman who is condemning this ban, let’s hear what she had to say.

“I’ve been in the Army for 13 years with deployments to every combat zone of my generation, I’m currently serving as a company commander. And every other service member who’s trans in the military has their own story, their own hardships and their own service to our nation and before kicking anyone out or saying that we couldn’t serve, you have to realize that we’re already serving. We have been serving, I’ve got the one of the best veteran resume you probably ever seen and I am just as qualified as anyone else.”

Now we’re also hearing from politicians on this ban, specifically from a lot of Democrats including the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Let’s bring up a tweet from her. She’s saying that one with the strength and bravery to serve in the US military should be turned away because of who they are. She called this a hateful ban purpose-built to humiliate transgender members of the military who served with honor and dignity.

We heard from other Democrats saying that the transgender military members deserve better. They say this is discrimination and that the ban runs counter to the American values, that the American military is supposed to protect. As for the number of people who this could affect it’s unclear, but we do know that between four and ten thousand active duty and reserve service members are believed to be transgender.

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